about the dark shiny object

What is the Dark Shiny Object? Consider a few of the possiblities...

  • A UFO
  • A Chunk of Obsidian
  • My Nikon DSLR
  • My New iPhone
  • A Magic 8-Ball
  • The Black Box I use in my Analogies at Work
  • goishi (The stones used in the game of Go)
  • The Batmobile
  • One of My Black & White Photographs
  • A Can of Coke Zero
  • My Coach Purse
  • The Willamette River in Portland at Midnight
  • One of My Ceramic Art Bowls
  • My Parker Pen

Or perhaps the Dark Shiny Object is the something inside me that powers my intuition and intellect, my passion and reason, my drive and dreams...

I’m not saying.

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