about sanctuary

Sanctuary has undergone a series of major changes since its inception in March 1997. Its evolution is continual, if sporadic. Unfortunately, I am frequently busy, and I am unable to devote much time to the maintenance of this site.

I created the original site using Adobe PageMill. Up through v3.0 of the site I used Adobe GoLive v4.0. I used Adobe Photoshop 5.0 and Adobe ImageReady 1.0 to edit the images and optimize them for fast downloading. Work was done on my faithful and reliable Power Mac 8500/120, Mahoro (Belldandy I).

Sanctuary 3.0 was developed using Adobe GoLive CS running under Mac OS X on Makina (Belldandy II), a dual 2.0 GHz G5 Power Mac. Primary typefaces used were from Adobe: Ex Ponto multiple master, Christiana medium, and Alexa.

Sanctuary 4.0 was developed with Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 running under Mac OS 10.7 on Belldandy III, an 8-core Intel Xeon Mac Pro. Image processing was done using Adobe Lightroom 4 and Adobe Photoshop CS6. The main typefaces are Oxygen and Quattrocento – Google Web Fonts. The design for Sanctuary 4.0 is based on the Modelling template from Templated.

All the photographs in Sanctuary are my own.

Sanctuary 4.0 at the moment is more of a placeholder than a full site. However the underpinnings are totally new – a new domain name... a new ISP... and finally brought into the 21st century with a true CSS architecture. My site is hosted by a very cool company here in Portland: Canvas Host

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change history

v0.9 March 1997 Prototype
v1.0 March 1997 Initial Release
v1.1 August 1998 Darkside Angel addition
v1.2 February 1999 Cover II. Merge Darkside into Garden
v2.0 October 1999 Cover III. Total Restructure
v2.1 August 2000 Identity, Journey update
v2.1.1 September 2000 Vision, Mirror, Shadow update
v2.1.2 September 2001 Journey, Shadow, Inspiration update
v2.2 July 2002 Minor cleanup
v3.0 March 2003 Restructure and Rewrite
v3.1 April 2004 Annual update
v3.2 January 2010 Minor content update
v4.0 September 2012 Total Restructure. New Domain and ISP
v4.0.1 December 2013 New web fonts for improved readability