Lovely Angel

Who is the Lovely Angel?

Anime (that is, Japanese animation) aficionados know that Lovely Angel is the code name for the galaxy's most beautiful and dangerous troubleshooting agents, Kei and Yuri. Lovely Angel is also the name of their spaceship. Kei (the red-haired one on the left) and Yuri (the dark-haired one on the right) seem to be a catalyst for disasters, so they are more commonly known as the Dirty Pair.

My friends know I love anime, and the Dirty Pair are among my favorite characters. I'm particularly fond of Yuri, and it's no surprise that she is one of my inspirations and aspirations. Consequently, I've adopted the Lovely Angel as one of the keywords of my personal journey.


β€œItβ€˜s not our fault!!”

– Kei and Yuri