a journey of writing

I am too easily verbose. As Blaise Pascal noted, it takes more time to make a composition shorter. I’d like to think after all these years I’m getting better at cutting the verbal fat. Then again, I could be wrong.

I have always liked to write. I started writing poetry in grade school and continued through high school. I had outstanding English teachers, and they added fuel to my internal fires. And perhaps because I was an awkward introvert, I put more effort into expressing myself via written word as opposed to speaking directly to people.

In school, I had few problems writing essays. In the workplace, I excelled at writing documentation. Indeed, I was a rare computer programmer who actually liked to document my code and write technical guides and user manuals. As a business systems analyst, I easily leverage my aptitude into the creation of solid requirements, procedures, and presentations.

I’ve written over 200 poems. I’ve had articles published in magazines and journals. But I had long thought that my second career would be writing fiction. Watching what my published writer friends go through, though, makes me reconsider that option. I don’t know that I have the skill, drive, and patience to do what they do. Perhaps I should stick with writing recreationally. For now, I get great enjoyment simply by doing informal, conversational writing in my blog. I have a compulsion to write, so my blog work is therapeutic and relaxing.

But as I say, I’m too verbose. I could have condensed this page into, “I like writing. A lot.”