Dark. Shiny. Complicated.

The Sanctuary of the LovelyAngel

Since 1997 my home on the Internet has been known as the Sanctuary of the LovelyAngel. I’m still fond of that name as it was established during a difficult time in my life. My personal site has always been a refuge and a soapbox, and it will forever be Sanctuary to me.

The Dark Shiny Object is the more mysterious and whimsical form of Sanctuary. It’s opaque, yet revealing... dark but brilliant. This is my 21st century playground on the web. It’s the domain where I am queen. A complicated, mercurial, perfectionist queen.

This fifth incarnation of Sanctuary is small once again, but I expect it to grow in time – especially as I near retirement. With each addition I can uncloak some aspect of myself or my life. This will be fun.

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I post to my blog frequently, jotting down my thoughts on anime, photography, technology, random news, and personal activities


I’m a photographer whose style borders on cinematography. My gallery contains images of people, places, and objects of interest.


I’d like to believe that I’m an interesting person... a creator and artist, engineer and analyst, instigator and innovator.


Art that I Create

I’m an experienced photographer, specializing in people and event photography – although I don’t limit my work to those areas. I also enjoy outdoor and macro photography. Some of my images have been used in publications and promotions. I take a personal delight in composing and crafting images.

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Art that I Consume

If I have a passion, it is Japanese animation – anime – and to a lesser extent, manga. I watch more anime than I do American television. Every season I watch a dozen new anime series. I’m a fangirl, and my house is filled with collectibles. My anime adventures are chronicled in my personal blog.

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“Be the best. Have fun. No compromise.”

– An unconfirmed Corporate Mission Statement