my sanctuary

Since 1997 my home on the Internet has been known as the Sanctuary of the LovelyAngel. I’m still fond of that name as it was established during a difficult time in my life. My personal site has always been a refuge and a soapbox, and it will forever be Sanctuary to me.

But times change, and the Dark Shiny Object is the playful part of my new life. The Dark Shiny Object is the mysterious portal into all things Amy. The portal is new and under construction, so I request your patience.

For what's going on currently in my life, please read My Blog at Dreamwidth. I post to my blog frequently, jotting down my thoughts on anime, photography, technology, and a spattering of other, random interests – as well as many of my personal activities.

To view my photography, please visit My Photo Gallery at Zenfolio. My ongoing project is a Photostream in which I try to post selected photos from events and activities throughout the year.